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Yahoo! Shortcut – Another push moving organic close to below the fold

Do you want to take a shortcut to the top of the SERPs on Yahoo? Well it is not really the top organic rank. But the actual position is above the organic results, but it is not a PPC ad as well. And if a PPC ad exist, it will appear below the PPC ad. I first saw it on Danny’s Search Engine Land posted by Barry who mentioned Scott Hendison found it while searching for Special K.
Yahoo! Shortcut Link for Special K

I decided to check it out further, probably for a market that gets a lot of PPC also. Since my 2007 SEO World Championship Car prize came from Honda within San Diego County, from Honda of Escondido actually. Honda San Diego (Honda SD)

Honda San Diego Yahoo Search Results

Now you will notice you have tons of things above the organic results. First is the “Also try” suggested search, then PPC ads, then Local search results mentioning this is also the Yahoo Shortcut, which has the main Local Result link and the top 3 Local Search results which is all labeled under the Yahoo Shortcut. Only after that comes the first organic result. Now people on lower resolutions and not that search savvy may not even know organic results exist. I believe the case is the same on Google but not really packaged in the same way with the Universal Search Results in effect. You might say: These are just more things to push your organic results down. If you look at it that way. Of course the losers think this way. The winners will think: So how can I maximize the use of these Yahoo Shortcuts so I can still be on top? Be an SEO winner and not a loser.

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