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Yahoo CAPTCHA Code Cracker

Reported by Slightly Shady SEO: Russian crackers found a way to crack Yahoo CAPTCHA. Although he mentioned it, he does not want to try it out as he mentions on his blog post:

I have 2 rules for software. I don’t download odd binaries from Blackhats, and I don’t download anything from russians. Especially russian security experts who operate under pseudonyms.

The crack is found here. So far I see no good use for this. All I see is a bad use for it. Passing CAPTCHA always means some automated form submission in a large quantity. Although this does not surprise me. Russians are very good programmers, I believe Yandex is almost as sophisticated as todays modern search engines which is why Google is not popular in Russia. And passing CAPTCHA is already something old that XRumer.com has been doing for years already in their automated forum poster. I wonder if anyone has plans to use this in SEO contest like SEOContest2008 or in Yicrosoft Directory?

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