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Yahoo and MSN Dances also?

Now on the 3rd day of the Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest. With SERPs in MSN and Yahoo already. Both seem to be dancing. And I thought only the Google Dance existed. It seems that there is also such a thing as the Yahoo Dance and the MSN Dance. Interesting.After several refreshes on Yahoo searching Ituloy AngSulong, I occasionally get 3 kinds of results.

  • Yahoo Dance Result 1: Only the Japanese site in the SERP.
  • Yahoo Dance Result 2: Japanese site and isulongseoph.com.ph.
  • Yahoo Dance Result 3: Japanese site, SEO Philippines and SEODance websites.

As for MSN, when searching for Ituloy AngSulong, you may get 2 kinds of results.

  • MSN Dance Result 1: 256 pages in the SERPs with isulongseoph.com.ph as number 1.
  • MSN Dance Result 2: 41 pages in the SERPs with SEO Philippines as number 1.

Although the Yahoo Dance and MSN Dance does not seem to be talked about that much, that is probably attributed to 2 reasons in my opinion.

  • Yahoo and MSN does not dance as often as Google and their results are more stable.
  • Less people notice Yahoo and MSN dancing since more people are looking at Google.

But even if we know the Google Dance is more popular with varying results on many occassions, they still seem to be the king in relevancy of results. I guess they have a more complicated algorithm and a larger number of datacenters that gives it more time to propagate among all Google Datacenters.

Looks like we all have to wear our disco shoes on, since it is going to be disco dancing everyday! Now, I got to practice my killer moves. Breakdance and strut are out, the moonwalk, and some robot dance are too oldschool. Runningman and Roget Rabbit, too 90’s. Damn, I do not know how to dance with the latest MSN Dance and Yahoo Dance craze.

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