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What is this website all about?

This was first for Isulong SEOph

This all started as an SEO contest entry from the contest Isulong SEOph. Organized by Marc Macalua which was an idea that sprang up from the old email group SEO Philippines had. It was a contest I participated in as a sponsor representing YDS Web Solution helping out in the prizes along with:

Contest ended, I did not win anything. Ranked number 11 on Google.com.ph when the contest ended. And these were who the Isulong SEOph winners were. For this contest, I was using the domain isulongseoph.com.ph.

Then Ituloy AngSulong comes along

Ituloy AngSulong was the second contest by SEO Philippines. Once again organized well byMarc Macalua, and with bigger prizes. Again sponsored by:

I just got 10th of Google, and two more consolation prizes being in the top 40 in Google. I was then using the domain ituloy-angsulong.com and ituloy-angsulong.info. Check the rest of the Ituloy AngSulong winners.

Then GlobalWarming Awareness2007 SEO Contest comes along

After registering the domain globalwarmingawareness07.com and several other domains for the SEO World Championship, I just thought this website is already a mess. So many domains and all this 301 madness and I keep reoptimizing this site for different keywords try to get some traffic coming to it with some interesting (I hope they interesting) SEO stuff trying to get people to this site and do the best linkbait I can. And it did not work out well with this site. And I was also busy with other stuff. Although I was using the domain globalwarmingwareness07.com, it was just not working well. Although my site was coming out on the list on the top 40, but isulongseoph.com was coming out and the 301s were not kicking in yet. Although I ended up winning the top prize in the SEO World Championship, I won it using my other entry on Global Warming.

Here comes SEO Religion

But with all the work I put into these sites, all these changing domains, and doing nothing but talking about SEO, then I am making this my permanent SEO/SEM Blog. And since I bought the domain SEOReligion.com, which I just thought of out of the blue when making a blog post for the SEORockstars, which is no longer updated, I might as well use that domain as my main SEO domain for this site.

So originally this site was used for the SEO contest, but today it is now mainly my SEO/SEM site. A lot still has to be fixed. But it is really hard to make and maintain a website for yourself if it is one of your paid projects to work on. But at least the site alone pay for itself.

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