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urllist.txt Automatic Generator

The urllist.txt file is not something new. In fact it is quite old. I just did a quick search on it and found only a few people talking about urllist.txt, and these are like dated in ancient 2005. But still just for that small little quicker submission time advantage, we still use this. But since there is a Sitemap Generator for WordPress, I decided to have my own urllist.txt generator. Although mine is not really a plugin, it is just a file you upload in the root url together with your sitemap.xml. And the urllist.txt file will read the sitemap.xml file and generate the file from there. You need to be able to mod-rewrite too to use this.

Download urllist.zip Generator

Please remember that this file is not a WordPress Plugin. It simply reads the sitemap.xml file. Thus if you are not using the WordPress Sitemap Generator, maybe you should get that first.


  1. Upload the file urllist.php to where your sitemap.xml file is.
  2. Add these lines as the first lines of your .htaccess file:Options +FollowSymLinks
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule urllist.txt$

    Note: They should be the first lines because if you place them by the end, WordPress’ rewrite rules will be followed.

  3. Done. Visit your urllist.txt file in your browser to see if it’s working.
  4. Go to: Yahoo Site Explorer and submit and authenticate your site and add the urllist.txt there as your feed.

Since this is not a WordPress Plugin, you can use this on any site that has a sitemap.xml file. Just update the sitemap.xml file, you update the urllist.txt file automatically.

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