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The Only SEO Certification State Board!

SEO people are everywhere and seem to increase in a fast number. Some people know it, some people don’t. Some people think they do, but they really don’t. And this is where companies intending to hire SEOs or looking for companies to do SEO for their own businesses, are looking for certification credentials. More on this topic can be seen in David Temple’s SEO/SEM Certification blog.

Unfortunately, the origin of SEO people came from all sorts of backgrounds, usually people who were writers for websites, web designers and web developers, or internet marketers wanting to learn more how to effectively market online on search engines and this industry became a helping industry where people share information with others.

Now as more and more SEO people increase, there seems to be a need to find out who knows what and how much people know. There are clients and companies that will accept results as your credentials which so far has been working for me, by showing them the search engine ranking results of my own SEO clients. Unfortunately, that does not work with everyone and a certification help convince them that you have reached a certain level of knowledge capable of delivering the results the client want.

I then decided to take a look into several certification programs and will probably go through them one at a time and just present to the world, hey I’m certified! Just to gain even more trust. And in my search, there are tons of schools out there, left and right, offering their own certification, I only found 1 that actually has an SEO State Board Certification. You will be an SEO certified in Pennsylvania, it is from SEOTraining.org. Yes you read it right, State Board for SEO, by the state government. You get to be a Certified Sewage Enforcement Officer!

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4 comments on “The Only SEO Certification State Board!

  • As we all know the BIG SEO fish don’t have degrees in how to stay ahead of the SERP’s. I find it funny that companies would take a Certificate over results. I find this funny because SEO is ever changing. What works today may not work next week. But I do think that Certified Sewage Enforcement Officer certificate will rather nice hanging on the wall.

  • I think SEO writer’s are must be related to internet marketing also where they know about market.


  • I think i need to take up an SEO certification exam to become a better seo freelancer

  • Hahaa I’ve seen the sewage thing before, always makes me giggle. To be slightly serious though it does seem more and more people are searching for “certified” SEO’s.

    I’d spent about two years teaching myself SEO before finding the Web CEO software which I ended up purchasing. I got the course and Internet Marketing certification which covers SEO and found it very helpful.

    Not only has it verified what I already knew but I also learn’t a few things from it. The certification is only valid for a year as the industry changes so much.

    I do not think it is essential at all to be certified, as Camron said, results do speak louder than words. At the same time I do not think it hurts to take a course and have something to show if asked.

    SEO Freelancing, go buy Web CEO and take the course if you are serious about getting in to marketing/seo and getting good at it.


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