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The Google, Yahoo and MSN balancing act

MSN Yahoo Google Balancing Act

After my site has been high on Google and nowhere on Yahoo and MSN, I decided to make changes and use my other domain to try to make they go up in Yahoo and MSN by actually doing the following:

  1. Decreasing keyword density – in this SEO contest, I have seen the higher sites in Yahoo and MSN actually has lesser keyword density than the top sites in Google. I decided to decrease the keywords. And tried talking about a wide variety of SEO topics and not just Ituloy AngSulong.
  2. Varying link text in link building – Links that are all the same may penalize you for artificial link building. I started varying link text.
  3. Add more links from different class C IP – Maybe not really a super big factor, but with link exchanges, directory submissions, and other link deals on various servers may help me a bit more than coming from all of my own stuff.
  4. Adding more links to inside pages – Making topics interesting enough to pass on instant messengers and hopefully people will get hooked on the bait where some actually did. Having links all to the homepage is too spammy. I tried hard to come up with a natural audience and fan base.

After doing this, rankings did increase in Yahoo and MSN. But for some reason, looks like Google is starting to drop me again at a slow but steady rate. It is moving slow but I see a down trend. To increase my ranking in Google, I believe I need to work on my link building again. Probably a download and tool bait again, just 1 more within the last 30 days of the SEO contest. Just enough to give another Google boost. I believe internal linking with a higher density will help me in Google but I’m afraid my Yahoo and MSN will put me down again.

After Jason Torres has tagged me to share my SEO contest techniques, I will give it a few more weeks to test what I am up to and will share the techniques I used before the contest ends. But so far, what I have been observing is, Yahoo and MSN seem to be putting my rankings down for keyword density being too high, too much inbound links to the homepage, and all with the same link text. Google seems to be more forgiving lately with a bunch of links all of the same kind and keyword spamming seem to still help Google to some extent. But that is just my observation. And this website may be an isolated case.

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4 comments on “The Google, Yahoo and MSN balancing act

  • Great blog, link to seobarn.com if you like!

    Upcoming days it will be flooded with articles and news.

  • Are you sure KD in msn yahoo is lower as many sites say opposite.

  • Well many sites also say it is easy to rank higher in MSN. Even I said that before in blogs and forums. But ever since MSN became live, and Yahoo changed a bit, I personally find it easier to rank higher in Google.

    Again contrary to many websites, this may be opposite again, many websites you will see saying it is hardest to rank in Google, easiest in MSN.

    But this is all based on my observation in SEO contest. I believe many websites that say the opposite are probably old websites. Maybe some of them include my own websites.

    Newer post, around the time when MSN became Live Search, around the last quarter of 2006 a lot of people were complaining of disappearing in MSN.


    But people that were not in competitive markets, and has not been doing much spammy keyword stuffings, may probably have not even noticed any difference.

    Now back to question, am I sure keyword density needs to be lower in Yahoo and MSN. For me I am sure. If other sites say something else, maybe based on their test in their markets, it is that way.

    ~ Benj Arriola

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