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Thanks To Everyone Who Attended My Talk at OMS

Benj Arriola Presenting at the Online Marketing Summit (OMS) at Silicon Valley

Benj Arriola Presenting at the Online Marketing Summit (OMS) at Silicon Valley. Photo Credit: David McBee.

The Online Marketing Summit – Silicon Valley was great! Didn’t realize there were several OMS speakers sitting at the back and thanks to all those that gave nice words about my presentation on Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Thanks so much for the kind tweets.

Learning so much on Panda & Penguin Updates from the brilliant @ #omsummit
Zena Weist

Thanks Zena, I noticed you were at the second row. I came in when you were still presenting about Operationalizing Social Business, I came to the end of it but it did look very insightful and analytical and how you relied on custom tools your company has developed.

Common themes in both #ContentMarketing and #SEO: Good content good links, more video. @ and @ #omsummit
Natalie Bering

Nice to know we are all on the same page, which is good for all of us and for PR Newswire as well. Which in my opinion is one of the best online PR distribution services. It just gets one of the highest exposure.

.@ is sharing far more great #seo info than I can tweet - will share slides after. #omsummit
Tonia Ries

Thank Tonia, I also shared the slides down below this blog post. Dank! Merci!

.@ is talking about google's manual website review process. Very interesting! #omsummit
Nicholas Walter

Nicholas, I know we have tweeted on talking about more SEO issues over lunch, and sorry I didn’t get to catch you at lunch and was at the table with OMS speakers Nicole Muñoz, and our Scandinavians friends Steen Rasmussen and Henrik Stenmann where we continued to talk about Panda, Penguin and other matters.

highly recommend>> .@ hosting a writing seminar on Nov 13 >> http://t.co/Baq2OjpI cc @ #omsummit
Tonia Ries

Yes, thanks Tonia, and to others, check it out, it will be free. This is the same training we also give to our internal SEO team. Sign up today for this Content Writing Webinar!

Understanding Panda and Penguin updates (love this image) @ #omsummit http://t.co/OVDdhizC
Natalie Bering

Thank Natalie, I actually stalled at this slide. And talked a bit before going to the next slide. I waited for you and David to put down your phones before I moved to the next slide. 🙂

Panda: "I'm bored reading your stale content." Penguin: "Your links look spammy." @ #omsummit http://t.co/PXaFA5ZY
David McBee

And thanks David for actually going out of your way to come and approach me for your feedback of the presentation. And for everyone that missed it, I have my tweet below where you can get everything.

My #OMS12 #OMSummit Presentation on Google Panda and Penguin updates is downloadable here: http://t.co/yDdG1hrF http://t.co/HLL1KHEc
Benj Arriola

Thanks also to those that were not at OMS but like the presentation!

@ I wasn't able to be present at the summit. Really enjoyed your slides. Do you have a webinar in the works?
Shelley Nelson

Thanks Shelley!

Salamat Geromme!

Thanks also to those that tweeted with their premonition. Blessed are those that believe in my SEO, even if they have not heard my presentation yet.

@ #oms12 #omsummit You will undoubtedly be one of the best speakers there!

Links to all resources, tools and webinar signup are on the Internet Marketing Inc. blog, check it out.

@ fantastic - you answered all my questions & saved me so much time. Thank you!!
Tonia Ries

And thanks Ed and thanks again Tonia

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