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Target market for Adsense

I remember when I started doing Adsense on my blogs, I was always waiting when I will get my next payout, and just improved on my sites and when it started performing better, not I am waiting when I will break the 3-digit payout and hopefully get 4-digits, and maybe when I get there, I will start thinking how to reach 5-digits. I just received my 3-digit payout in the bank and for the year 2006, January and December have a large difference as I have seen my earnings grow, as well as the traffic and popularity of my blogs and other websites. And the most productive months I had this year in Adsense were:

  1. November
  2. December
  3. May

November and December were the highest earning months I had since I have finished several news sites starting November that became pretty popular with the help of social media optimization. May was high, and after May, the earnings drop as I decided to stop the site that was a high earner in May since I believe it may be considered a site that may be breaking some of the Google guidelines and I might need to modify it and improve it first to avoid from getting banned for invalid clicks.

But this is what I noticed after taking a good look at my channels. Since November and December were my highest paying months I combined them into one report and this is what I saw. Here is a partial view of what it was like:

  • Tech Blog: 7,287 impression, 288 clicks with a 3.95% CTR. Page eCPM of $4.73 and I earn $34.47.
  • Celebrity Site: 45,512 impressions, 424 clicks with a 0.93% CTR. Page eCPM of $0.66 and I earn $29.83.
  • Business Blog: 701 impressions, 23 clicks with a 3.28% CTR. Page eCPM of $15.17 and I earn $10.63.
  • Personal Blog: 1,849 impressions, 41 clicks with a 2.22% CTR. Page eCPM of $4.32 and I earn $7.98
  • SEO/SEM Blog: 734 impressions, 1 click with a 0.13% CTR. Page eCPM of $0.84 and I earn $0.22

And I am not going to mention the rest of the long list. But what I want to point out here are these:

You can see based on the Page eCPM, the Business Blog seems to be a good paying blog. The CPC advertisers pay of this blog seems to be better. Now is this telling me that I should work harder on making this site more popular that the rest of my other websites?

Comparing the Tech Blog and the Celebrity Site, they have a difference of about $5 bucks. The Tech Blog, I blog often, I think of good topics, I promote the site, and I work on it to make it better. The Celebrity Site, I am basically doing nothing. After I launched the site in the first week of November and fixed a few bugs, that was it and I pretty much do not touch the site that much. I have no latest news to update. It is just there. The Tech Blog also pays better, it took only 288 clicks while the Celebrity site took 424 clicks and is still lower than the Tech Blog’s earnings. Does this mean I need to concentrate more on the Tech Blog?

Take a look at them all, the Celebrity Site was able to make 45,512 impressions which is far from all the other sites I mentioned. But the MFA website, people know it is a useless site already and will simply hit the back button or close the browser. All of us don’t want to be annoyed by useless sites.

And one last thing… take a look at my SEO/SEM blog, only 1 click. Hahaha. Well that do I expect? The visitors obviously know what an ad is, and since most ads are about SEO/SEM also, they are pretty much knowledgeable already about SEO and SEM and does not need to click on whatever is advertised.

Even if the subject of my post is Target Market For Adsense, I want to make it clear, it is not right just to make a website mainly for Adsense targeting a certain market. When you make a site, it’s purpose should be something else. Adsense is just an add-on to whatever extra money you can make on the website. If your main focus is Adsense earnings, you tend to think of ways just to get those clicks in, and often this results to invalid clicks and it becomes bye bye Adsense once Google sends you an email when it’s over. My blog post has this title mainly because I am observing the various target markets I have on my websites, and which has the better click conversions based on the amount of work I put into it.

Now do not ask me what these sites are since I won’t tell you them but I am sure close friends already know what sites they are. And don’t ask me what other sites I have that I did not mention, and if you know these other sites, do not talk about it in the comments, I will not approve it. 🙂 *LOL* I just want my earnings to be private.

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One comment on “Target market for Adsense

  • Hmmm… Stumbled across your site via a Google Blog Alert for AdSense. Quite an interesting read. There have been a LOT of sites giving out stats lately (I take it you’ve read Matt Cutts post on his stats for the year? 1.7 MILLION visitors!!!!)

    Anyway, good luck with the new year, and thanks for the pointer in the “business” direction. 😉

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