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Take a peak into Googleplex

Not really new, these photos were posted by Time Magazine in February 2006. But if you have not seen it yet and wants to see how it looks like working at Google, check out the photos.

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6 comments on “Take a peak into Googleplex

  • Looks like a huge google toy store full of google eye candy.

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  • Link added to blogroll Marko, where are you now working?

  • Thanks for the add. I am working at Welk Resort in Escondido as a web designer/developer. Im just starting to drive into some ASP.NET

    Where you working at?

  • Hmmm… where I work at is a big secret. Hahaha. I am no longer doing web design/development and I am doign purely organic SEO work now. Although in my own company, I still do some design and development. I consider my income coming from 3 sources now:

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