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Social Media Optimization Should Not Work Like A Link Farm

I have seen people left and right, ask me to Digg this, Digg that, Stumble, this Stumble that, vote this, Propeller it, Sk-rt it, Squidoo it, Sphinn and do all sorts of Social Bookmarking. I was not really in the mood to make a blog post about this but while typing in my reply in the SEO Philippines forum asking about Social Media strategies, by reply started to get quite lengthly that I decided to just copy and paste it into my own blog post.

Two benefits I see in Social Media doing SMO (Social Media Optimization)

1. Spreading of Viral Content
2. The Backlink

I consider the first one more valuable and if you are concentrating only on the second benefit, the link, I think you are not seeing the real power of social media.

Social media there are two general kinds.

  1. Social Networking like MySpace, FaceBook, Friendster etc.
  2. Social Bookmarking like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, etc.

In my experience, social networking works in certain niches. Those that are inline with the social network, the type of people on the network.

Social Bookmarking often tackle a wide array of topics and you could probably find a category fit for your SEO purposes.

Here is my tip: Really have good content.

Ok, we have heard content is king many times, and some people say, it’s not content links are king. But what some SEO people can’t see for some reason is good content is king since it makes links for you naturally. It’s quite simple but I have seen tons of SEO people in forums concentrating on the numbers, adding friends, and getting more friends to Digg their stuff. True this works too, but it would work even more if you simply concentrate on good viral content and don’t just look at Social Media as a quick link builder for any kind of page you make.

The reason you want to use the social bookmarking is for others to bookmark it too and promote it as well. But if your content sucks, why should someone bookmark it? If your content is useless or too much self-promoting or worse, useless and self-promoting, and you just use your account, your multiple accounts, your close friends accounts just bookmarking your post, this could probably even raise a red flag on the administrators of the social bookmarking site and might consider you and probably your friends as possible social bookmarking spammers.

If you are doing this solely for the link alone, you just get links from people that will bookmark you and if your content is not that compelling and is self-promotional too much your links will be limited only to probably the amount of your friends you have. You are just using Social Media for links from the Social Bookmarking site and it makes it no different from a link farm.

If you concentrate on content and then apply social bookmarking, and make your content is really compelling, interesting, viral, something that someone will really like reading and passing on to their friends, social bookmarking will work like magic. People will bookmark it, and as other people see the site as well, they will bookmark it, pass it around and even post something about it on their own blogs and sites.

I cannot stress this any more but I can give several sites that talk about writing good copy like Copyblogger. Problogger is also a good source but it just does not tackle copy but everything abot blogging and making money out of it. But by reading how the post are done, you can observe and learn already. I guess mostly every SEO professional knows Jason Calacanis said SEO is BS sometime back last year. I still don’t believe his statement 100%, but to some extent, he is correct in some way. He knows what he saying but of course I don’t believe SEO is BS. There are just so many SEO people that are concentrating on the link.

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