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SEOluv Posting About Other People’s Problems Where He Is Not Involved

SEOluv aka Michael Rogers‘ technique of gaining popularity has always been highlighting conflicts of people, bringing up controversies, making people get pissed off by whatever method he can think of. Currently, he is also a web hosting client of my company.

His latest post talks about some conflict within another company, in his latest post, he tries to stir up the controversy even more by adding in other names like my name, Benj Arriola and other people like Mike Lopez, Marc Macalua and John Bertrand who are names that are heard in SEO circles in the Philippines. And he also uses the photo of Matt Cutts which is totally unrelated to the story. What he is doing runs just like a tabloid newspaper of the Philippines. Highlighting stories and showing cachy headlines and photos that are sometimes not really related to the story.

He has been talking about conflicts within an SEO company, headed by Michael Turner and an issue with a former employee Marisyl Castillon. To tell you the truth, I am still unaware of the real story of both parties since I never heard them from the parties involved. Nor am I interested in knowling the real story since I do not mind other people’s business.

As Mr. Rogers has mentioned in his blog referring to me:

…Here is the list of people that have agreed to contact Marisyl Castillon and encourage her to be in attendance.

1. benjarriola , an American was the first one to agree to call Marisyl Castillon to encourage her to come. This makes me PROUD to be an AMERICAN…

And below is our complete chat session between me and Mr. Michael Rogers aka SEOLuv.

[00:39] seoluv: I want you guys to take care of this one
[00:39] seoluv: because you are the Filipinos
[00:39] seoluv: and this stupid fucker took her over to the US and beat he up
[00:40] seoluv: and she had to come back via the consulate and embassy
[00:40] seoluv: come on benj talk man
[00:40] seoluv: whats the matter
[00:40] seoluv: shy all of the sudden?
[00:41] benjarriola: still busy
[00:41] seoluv: well get un busy
[00:41] seoluv: fucker
[00:41] benjarriola: I will check what she has to say at the awarding.
[00:41] seoluv: I am god damn fucking mad
[00:41] seoluv: the NBI is involved
[00:42] seoluv: so u think what u got going is important
[00:42] seoluv: i think not
[00:42] benjarriola: i heard the story already, and i see she has soemthing to say, i will listen to what she has to say
[00:42] seoluv: u heard the story
[00:42] seoluv: hmmm
[00:42] benjarriola: and right now. i will finish some work since i have many clients mad too
[00:42] seoluv: have u talked to her
[00:42] seoluv: i have
[00:42] benjarriola: no, you told me the story already
[00:42] seoluv: no
[00:42] seoluv: u need to talk to her
[00:42] seoluv: and the genius
[00:42] seoluv: because
[00:43] seoluv: he is such a fucking genius
[00:43] seoluv: that he is now on a watch list
[00:43] benjarriola: ok
[00:43] seoluv: thats how smart your genius is
[00:43] seoluv: the Goverment is going to arrest Michael Turner
[00:43] seoluv: and rightly so
[00:44] seoluv: and guess what
[00:44] seoluv: my my
[00:44] benjarriola: ic
[00:44] seoluv: there is the genius AGAIN
[00:44] seoluv: AGAIN
[00:44] seoluv: the genius
[00:44] seoluv: i told the stupid motherfucker to lay low
[00:44] seoluv: and what does he do
[00:44] seoluv: he blogs
[00:44] benjarriola: ic
[00:45] seoluv: he is now living like a monkey in a ZOO and everybody is watching
[00:45] seoluv: who is eveybody benj
[00:45] seoluv: use your imagination
[00:45] seoluv: i want u to call this Marisyl
[00:45] seoluv: now
[00:45] seoluv: i dont care where u are
[00:46] seoluv: i will pay for it
[00:46] seoluv: and here is why
[00:46] seoluv: because
[00:46] seoluv: you guys need to protect her
[00:46] seoluv: thats why
[00:46] seoluv: macalua is a pussy
[00:46] seoluv: and a poser
[00:46] seoluv: and he hides under the saya of his grandma
[00:47] seoluv: he is in no way capable of protecting this girl
[00:47] seoluv: who is a victim
[00:47] benjarriola: ic
[00:47] seoluv: of the genius’s new buddy
[00:47] seoluv: so i think its a good idea
[00:48] seoluv: that you and eveybody else encourage her to come to manila
[00:48] seoluv: and speak
[00:48] seoluv: to eveybody
[00:48] seoluv: about the pitfalls of the so called SEO business
[00:49] seoluv: wanna know why she doesnt want to come
[00:49] seoluv: because she is afraid of Turner
[00:49] seoluv: so what in the FUCK are we as AMERICANS going to do about this ?
[00:49] seoluv: huh
[00:49] seoluv: what
[00:50] seoluv: this drunken fuck head takes her to the USA and beats he up
[00:50] benjarriola: does she want to go assume if turner was not there?
[00:50] seoluv: and we are supposed to stand by
[00:50] seoluv: and ALLOW THAT
[00:50] seoluv: call her
[00:50] seoluv: she is your sister
[00:50] seoluv: your filipina sister
[00:50] seoluv: have you wife call her
[00:51] seoluv: have mike lopez call her
[00:51] seoluv: have mike lopez wife call her
[00:51] seoluv: heve the pussy poser call her
[00:51] seoluv: have yuga call her
[00:51] seoluv: and all of the other heavy weights
[00:51] seoluv: i spammed all of the top entries with this
[00:52] seoluv: and nothing is going to happen because these fucking stupid motherfuckers here will do NOTHING to help her
[00:52] seoluv: help
[00:52] seoluv: and do u think the rockstars give a shit
[00:52] seoluv: FUCK NO
[00:53] seoluv: they only care about their mercedes payment
[00:53] seoluv: so EXACTLY BENJ
[00:53] seoluv: LIKE FUCKING EXACTLY
[00:53] seoluv: what r u going to do
[00:53] seoluv: I WILL PAY!
[00:55] benjarriola: not now, i really cant.
[00:55] seoluv: I’ll post this fucking chat log
[00:55] seoluv: NOW
[00:55] seoluv: benjarriola: not now, i really cant.
[00:55] seoluv: hmm
[00:55] seoluv: we’ll see about that
[00:55] seoluv: friend
[00:56] benjarriola: yes, you can post this. But i am busy right now.
[00:56] benjarriola: I cannot call this very minute
[00:56] seoluv: thats not what i asked u
[00:56] seoluv: look god damn it
[00:56] seoluv: you are in a unique position
[00:57] seoluv: and you have responsibility
[00:57] seoluv: whether u like it o not
[00:57] benjarriola: go on… brb …. will read… i’ll be back…
[00:57] seoluv: blame your Dad for getting you into the USA
[01:08] seoluv: are you gonna call her
[01:08] seoluv: yes or no
[01:23] seoluv: ok u got some free publicity
[01:23] seoluv: see
[01:23] seoluv: it looks nice
[01:23] seoluv: dont you agree
[01:23] seoluv: that is reserve my friend

Chat ends there. It was past 1:00am from my location and I needed to sleep. I believe in our chat, it still does not mention me agreeing to call up Ms. Castillon contrary to Mr. Rogers’ post as I being the first one who agreed to call and encourage Marisyl to attend the event. I believe it is pretty obvious that Mr. Rogers is trying to put together Mr. Turner and Mr. Castillon in one location and he want to see what happens from there and he blogs about it again. I guess Mr. Rogers method of getting popular may be working already, as I myself who always decided to be quiet about any conflict, made me talking about him also.

My message to Mr. Michael Turner and Ms. Marisyl Castillon – I mind my own business. I network with people for SEO. But for other matters, I do not stick my nose in things I am not involved. And I just hope all your conflicts get resolved in a peaceful manner.

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