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SEO Quickie Video Under 10 Minutes!

SEO Quickie Video Under 10 Minutes

Some people get SEO right away, for others it takes a while to digest. That is totally understandable since all of us come from different knowledge backgrounds. TO know every detail of SEO takes some time, which is why some business just hire SEO agencies but still try their best to get a good overview of what SEO is all about. Watch the video below.

Google released a video 2 days ago, presented by Maile Ohye, with the title SEO for Startups in Under 10 Minutes. But I think this video is also good not only for startup companies, but for any company that has no done SEO yet in the past and needs an overview of the initial steps and what will happen in an SEO campaign.

Now if you are still confused, there are some good beginner’s SEO books out there, and for the pros, maybe you can suggest some of the books that you found to be good for SEO Newbies.

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