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See you later at the San Diego SEO Meet

After spying around LinkedIn profiles of SEO people in San Diego, and Googling SEO guys in San Diego, I found the San Diego SEO Meet to be help on May 21, at 7:00pm on Meetup.com. I don’t know the group and just joined them. Although I have once attended a small seminar by the organizer, Anita Cohen-Williams in the past along with Vicky Garcia called: Secret Techniques to Improve Online Results. Their seminar was impressive for the Internet marketing newbie, and if you have been doing Internet marketing yourself for some time, everything they discussed you probably already know. But I still attended it for the networking aspect.

Although I don’t know the people attending, after reading about it, I simply IM’ed a few friends and I think I have pulled 1/3 of the people attending. *LOL* But it would be nice to see everyone again: Clint, Aron, Camron, Ivan, Marko, Jessie, Shawn, Gilda, John, Mishon.

Uh oh… do I have any calling cards? I still got time to prepare some. See you all there!

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