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PRs are read, backlinks are seen, secrets are revealed, and work goes on

As the roll out of the latest Google Page Rank unfolded last two days ago, everyone got excited in the Isulong SEOph SEO Keyword Ranking Contest and started checking everything.

Let’s go over the top 7 Isulong SEOph Website once again after the latest Google PR update

Gio Castro’s isulongseophil.com

He’s back at number 1, will he stay at number 1? Pinoynets.com/isulong-seoph/ has been number 1 for quite some time with that 39,000+ backlink power compared to Gio’s 1,600+ backlinks. Is it because Gio has been doing something lately more efficient making him go back up? Or is it because of the too fast inbound links created by Pinoynets making it go back down? What do you think?

The Numbers

  • Indexed Pages: 14 (G), 11 (Y), 12 (M)
  • Backlinks: 53 (G), 1700 (Y), 1,163 (M), 0 (A)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 119,466
  • Google PR: 4

Janjalani’s pinoynets.com/isulong-seoph/

Many were surprised when he appeared suddenly on the first page and took out Gio’s website in the number 1 spot for a quite long period. Currently with whopping numbers of a PR6 and backlinks near 40,000. For some reason, when someone gets kicked out of contention by someone that seemed to come out of nowhere, they tend to say all sorts of stuff. As people started to probe into his site and some calling him someone resorting to blackhat techniques. True or not, how he got there is still interesting and with the latest update from Google, more of his secrets are being revieled. If you did not see it, better do you research. But some of his secrets are now out in the open.

The Numbers

  • Indexed Pages: 1 (G), n/a (Y), 1 (M)
  • Backlinks: 258 (G), 41,800 (Y), 6,774 (M), 0 (A)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 416,496
  • Google PR: 6

Rostum Hernandez’ isulongseoph.org

I believe Rustom’s site is a bit newer than the others since his PR has not reflected yet on the toolbar, probably also a PR4, 5 or 6. Unlike the other linking powers of others, at the number 3 spot on Google, detected backlinks are around 700+

The Numbers

  • Indexed Pages: 17 (G), 9 (Y), 74 (M)
  • Backlinks: 0 (G), 821 (Y), 189 (M), 0 (A)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 439,486
  • Google PR: 0

Elymar Apao’s isulong-seoph.net

As predicted in the earlier report, Jozzua, the SEO Comics author will climb the SERPs. Has a PR5 securing him a 4th spot.

The Numbers

  • Indexed Pages: 82 (G), 68 (Y), 364 (M)
  • Backlinks: 3 (G), 545 (Y), 848 (M), 0 (A)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 215,980
  • Google PR: 5

Jedi Dancel’s isulongseoph.ph

Also using power of his many websites secures him a fifth spot.

The Numbers

  • Indexed Pages: 78 (G), 79 (Y), 426 (M)
  • Backlinks: 13 (G), 516 (Y), 1,453 (M), 0 (A)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank:
  • Google PR: 4

J. Angelo Racoma’s go-ogle.com.ph/isulong-seoph

Not his first time on page 1, he goes in and out. Currently with a PR5, he places 6th.

The Numbers

  • Indexed Pages: 29 (G), 19 (Y), 140 (M)
  • Backlinks: 105 (G), 3,320 (Y), 3,286 (M), 153 (A)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 892,548
  • Google PR: 5

Eligio Tapiador Jr.’s blueseo.com

I did not really notice when Eligio came in, and I believe others may have not noticed either as eyes are still kept on the top 2 entries. Currently packing a power of about 2,000 backlinks, he slides into the 7th spot to wrap up this weeks top 7.

The Numbers

  • Indexed Pages: 525 (G), 51 (Y), 152 (M)
  • Backlinks: 105 (G), 1,830 (Y), 2,070 (M), 0 (A)
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 322,040
  • Google PR: 4

Personal Predictions

It’s really hard to say. isulongseoph.offshoreoutsourcingphilippines.com who I know will still work hard to get to the top 3 positions that he once had. isulong.seoph.org with the power of many top blogs and forums could possibly slide in the top results as well. kotrapelo.com seems to be working hard. And all the rest in page 2 still seems to be in a striking distance to get top spots who are currently: blog4charity.org/isulong-seoph, noels-isulong-seoph.com, bicolbusinessdirectory.com/isulong-seoph, isulongseoph.com, isulong-seoph.info, isulong-seoph.org/, isulongseoph.joomlamoro.com, isulong-seophil.com, isulongseoph.com.ph and peksman.com. Not that everyone starts to come up with very strong websites in contention, it is hard to come up with any prediction. And I believe the winner of this competition is not only a question of who can be more creative in their link building strategies, but also the one that has many time to invest in the contest. Good luck to all Isulong SEOph competitors.

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