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Best Firefox SEO Plugins (updated)

Apr. 16, 2008 – Meta Tag plugin added to the list of SEO Firefox Plugins.

Dec. 16, 2006 – I updated the links of the plugins and also added two more Firefox extensions I use for SEO purposes, Link counter and Live HTTP Headers.

Dec. 10, 2007 – I finally decided to update the list again. Added SEOQuake. Currently Testing SEOHand and MetaTags Plugin.

The plugin capabilities of Firefox is just really good that you can almost find any plugin made by these dedicated programmers from all over the world. And here, on Isulong SEOph Download page, I have decided to share my personal top favorite Mozilla Firefox Plugins used for SEO purposes. If you are into SEO, and is not using Firefox, better download Firefox today with the Google toolbar. Once you have this to start with, here are the other plugins I consider my default plugins that I always need for my own SEO purposes presented here on Isulong SEOph.

  • SEOQuake – Came out after Aaron Wall’s SEO for Firefox and at first I considered it the imitator. But it has just continuously developed that it just has a lot more features that how it was when it just came out. Keeping it running all the time is not a wise thing to do since it can slowdown search engine result pages when loading in the browser.
    [ Install Now | SEOQuake official download page ]
  • SEO for Firefox – Gives a lot more information in search results. All essential information for the SEO professional.
    [ Install Now | SEO for Firefox official download page ]
  • SEOpen – Many SEO functions, and one of my favorites is the right click menu for checking indexed pages in Google, Yahoo and MSN, and for checking backlinks as well.
    [ Install Now | SEOpen official download page ]
  • RankQuest SEO Toolbar – This has similar functions to SEOpen, and I just personally have it since I like where it connects to for whois information.
    [ Install Now | Rankquest SEO Toolbar official download page ]
  • MetaTags Add-On – It can be tiring to keep on looking at the source code. Other tools like on SearchStatus give you a convenient right click on the status bar. But it is way so convenient to use the MetaTags Firefox Extension. With this SEO Plugin Add-on, you can view all meta tags right away as you browse all posted on the sidebar.
    [ Install Now | MetaTags Plugin official download page ]
  • SEOLinks – Easy to turn on and off on the task bar and when on, you can quickly see the ranking of your site having your link text as the keyword for every link you mouseover on your displayed webpage. As of current posting time, SEOLinks still does not have an updated version running on Firefox. But if you want to try it out, you can try the unofficial modification of SEOLinks I have modified the old version to make it run in the latest Firefox version.
    [ Install Mod Now | SEOLinks official download page ]
  • SearchStatus – This may have redundant functions that SEOpen and Rankquest have, but the Google PageRank and Alexa Rating are easily viewable in the status bar. I also find it convenient using this tool to view the meta tags of a page.
    [ Install Now | SearchStatus official download page ]
  • User Agent Switcher – Want to pretend to be Googlebot? Or crawlers Yahoo and MSN? You can use the User Agent Switcher. You may need to configure it though to bot settings.
    [ Install Now | User Agent Switcher official download page ]
  • LinkChecker – Almost all SEOs don’t want deadlinks on their pages. And LinkChecker is one of the best ways to check if all links on a page are not deadlinks.
    [ Install Now | LinkChecker official download page ]
  • Link Counter – Easily see the number of outbound and internal site linking you have on your page.
    [ Install Now | Link Counter official download page ]
  • ShowIP – SEOs are also concerned with IPs since they want various class-C IPs for their link strategies. Show IP helps you check the IP addresses at a quick glance at the status bar. Right clicking on it, can give you several more information, including whois information and other stuff.
    [ Install Now | ShowIP official download page ]
  • Server Spy – If you want to know the IP, you might also want to know the web server software. This really has no SEO purpose. But I just feel it should go together with the ShowIP extension since they complement each other. It is even interesting to know that Google does not run on Apache, nor IIS, not any known webserver and they run on GWS.
    [ Install Now | Server Spy official website ]
  • Live HTTP Headers – Ability to check the HTTP headers sent during a page load. This gives you the ability to check if a 301 redirect or 302 redirect, an error 404 or status 200 is successfully loading.
    [ Install Now | Live HTTP Headers author page ]
  • GooglePreview – Adds a thumbnail on search results. Helps in determining what the pages are while looking at the search results. Helps for different sites that have similar search titles and descriptions.
    [ Install Now | GooglePreview official download page ]
  • Web Developer – This extension is not really an SEO plugin, but some thing that concern SEOs is code to content ratio and how it can be easily done with CSS. The Web Developer toolbar plugin for firefox can easily display the page with CSS disabled to give you a good idea how search engines view the content. Also with shortcut keys you can easily submit sites for HTML validation to W3C.
    [ Install Now | Web Developer extension official download page ]
  • HTML Validator – If HTML validation turns you on when you see the green bar on the W3C’s HTML validator, this tool will help you easily view HTML validation errors right in the status bar, saves a few more seconds from going back and forth to W3C’s website. The link below is for Windows users, if you use a different OS, go to the official download page.
    [ Install Now (Windows Version) | HTML Validator official download page with other OS versions ]

I have seen an another SEO Firefox Extention called SEOTools, and currently does not work on Firefox 2.0. But I did not include it in the list since I will test it first before recommending it. (This does not exist anymore)

If ever any of the links are no longer updated, please leave me a note and I will get the list updated. If ever you have more SEO plugins for Firefox that you believe is really useful, leave a comment about it and I will add it to the list. So the more updated it is, all you need to do it bookmark this page and you have a one-stop page to install all your Firefox plugin extentions for SEO all grouped together on a single page on the Ituloy AngSulong SEO Religion website.

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