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My SEO World Championship Car

Citroen C2 was the prize in the SEO World Championship

One of the most common IMs I get from my friends online is where’s your car? Can I see your car? Did you get your Citroen C2? have you drove your car? The car they are referring to is the car I won in the SEO World Championship. The photo above is not the actual photo of my car. Here is the actual photo of my car:

My Toyota Paseo

Ooops, I did not win that! But that is my car. *LOL* Just got into a small accident about a month ago. Anyway, on the Citroen C2. It is a European car, and I was thinking of two options at first, have it shipped at home in the Philippines? Or have it shipped at home in the US? Both countries have no Citroen dealer, thus if needed for future maintenance, and where parts may be needed, looks like I need to have them shipped from Europe.

So what happened was the Citroen C2 was converted into cash, and I paid all my debts and I was planning on saving the money first but since my family is now moving to the US with me as well, my car was not good enough, so my SEO car, the Citroen C2 became a different car. It became a van using the cash I still have for the initial payment and I’ll just pay for the rest. My SEO World Championship Car became a Honda Odyssey van. *LOL*

I did some SSL/TLS on the license plates.

Honda Odyssey Front

Honda Odyssey Side

Honda Odyssey Back/Rear

The control panel I think is more confusing than cPanel running X or BlueLagoon. I kind of like simple dashboards like the one on WordPress. no clutter and just what you need then place the others in their menus. My steering wheel input device has extra buttons on both right click and left click. But most of the extra buttons are mainly to control the media players.

The Control Panel / Dashboard of the Honda Odyssey

Additional output device overhead. A DVD player is built-in.

Honda Odyssey DVD Player

Lots of space in this van. 7GB so seven 1GB persons can fit comfortably in the Honda Odyssey.

Middle and rear seats of the Honda Odyssey 7 seater

My SEO World Championship Van – A Honda Odyssey. Honda of Escondido was great! Andrea has done well presenting everything I needed to know. Josh had some good sales lines although I have heard lines like that before many times. 😀 Although he was still great. I like listening to good sales people, I learn a lot from them. Robert the finance manager was great as well as he has discussed everything well including all matters required by law. Thanks to Kim who was following up on other financial matters I had to address to.

Since you guys did a good job and has a great team, you should let me return the favor and present to you a good job as well on how your website can dominate the search results on Google, Yahoo and MSN, just like how I did it in the SEO World Championship 😛

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