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My Ituloy AngSulong SEO Vacation

Upon Arrival in the Philippines

Ok, I was away for 2 weeks and went to the Philippines for SEO events, at the same time to see my family as well. In the Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest, I was in 2nd and 3rd overall by the end of January and all that changed when everyone started catching up in February and I was not working that much. I arrived in the Philippines on February 19, 2007 and had no Internet connection as the connection of SmartBro was erractic. And was not able to know what was happening in the SEO Philippines contest. And I knew I still needed to place my required links and edit my confirmation file. I had to rent at some Internet cafe just to fix it. And I didn’t even memorize my passwords and I needed to work everything around just to get into my accounts.

The Ituloy AngSulong SEO Contest Awarding Day

Everyday was a busy day and me and my wife drove out later than planned. We did not bring our daughter Jamie this time so we can stay a few more minutes or hours after the contest and have some SEO chats. Mike Lopez who rode with us was also late anyway so everything was all fine.

The whole driving trip was all about SEO, PHP, web design, web development, web hosting, domains, and all related stuff as usual which is normal when talking with Mike. Upon arriving at the venue, at the VIP room of Metro Phi Restobar in Metrowalk, Ortigas, Pasig City, we were entering almost at the same time Abel Quitoriano arrived. People that were already there were Jedi Dancel, Marc Macalua, Ely Tapiador, Jozzua, and after a few minutes, Jason Torres came.

As usual, SEO topics were flying left and right as well as website monetization, about Rostom Hernandez‘ $7,000/month domainer earnings on PPC landing pages, Alfredo Palconit‘s drop from the cumulative rankings in his attempt to get the designing prize as well. Gio Castro‘s strong entry into the top prize, Marhgil Macula‘s comeback on Google that made him get a top spot again to win also in the cumulative prize. More people came that I already knew and people I knew online but have never seen started coming like Dennis Agulo, and Jun Macarambon. It was nice knowing and seeing the faces behind the other websites. If I do not remember everyone that wanted some link love, sorry if I cannot remember all of you.

Ice-breaking contest like the SEO hunks and SEO babes was a funny one where it was done by nominations and won by volume of applauses. I was lucky to win one of the SEO hunk prizes, and also the SEO pick-up lines.

What I brought home after the Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest

Prizes in the SEO hunks and SEO pick-up lines I got a Google notebook and pen inside a Google bag, a Yehey notebook, three PHP1,000 checks. Two were for being within the top 40 as a consolation prize by Lakeside Technologies and 1 for being in the top 10 winners in Google right at number 10. I got many priceless SEO tip sharing as usual from many of the top SEO people in the Philippines and listened to what Gio and Jason had to say about their Article sites. And I guess the most valuable knowledge I gained at the event was Rostom’s shared knowledge on domaining were most of them were shared after the contest. I knew there was a lot more knowledge to be shared that night but I was pretty tired myself too. Everyday I had some family matter to attend to and was barely able to work so I went home earlier than others since I don’t drink any alcoholic beverage as well nor do I smoke which I really do not mind hanging around even if I don’t drink nor smoke, but I also did not want my wife get bored to death on SEO topics that may not interest her.

For the official list of winners, list on the SEO Philippines forum:

Google Winners

Official winner list posted on: http://forums.seo.ph/showthread.php?t=391&highlight=winners

  1. ituloyangsulong.com – Jason Torres
  2. isulongseophil.com – Giovanni D. Castro
  3. pinoyseo.com – Alwin Clores
  4. marhgil.blogspot.com – Marhgil A. Macuha
  5. e-infanta.com – Philip M. Tiangson
  6. pinkseo.info – Rhiza Sanchez
  7. allseocontest.com – Leo Mirabuna
  8. blueseo.com – Eligio Tapiador Jr
  9. ituloyangsulongseoph.com – Jemmuel del Carmen
  10. news.ituloy-angsulong.info – Benj Arriola
  11. go-ogle.com.ph – Phillip Kimpo Jr., J. Angelo Racoma, Ia Lucero
  12. seobunker.com – Dennis F Agulo
  13. ituloy-angsulong.pinoyhack.com – John Auriada
  14. palconit.com – Alfredo B. Palconit, Jr.
  15. ituloyangsulong.blogsome.com – DISQUALIFIED
  16. ituloy.blogspot.com – Leo Mirabuna
  17. ituloyangsulong.org – Alan Ocab
  18. ituloy-angsulong.org – Rostum Hernandez
  19. wrigg.net – Leo Mirabuna
  20. psu-main.edu.ph – Philip M. Tiangson
  21. isulongseoph.org – Rostum Hernandez
  22. kontrapelo.com – Zaldy B. Dalisay
  23. isulong-seophil.com – Eric John Tabin / Kenneth Tinio
  24. ituloyangsulong.biz – Emmanuel Bautista
  25. technorati.com – DISQUALIFIED
  26. ituloy–angsulong.blogspot.com – Janette Toral
  27. angsulongituloy.blogspot.com – Guada Ada Lajara
  28. kenneth01.info – Kenneth M. Mendoza
  29. isulongseoph.joomlamoro.com – Moslemen M. Macarambon Jr.
  30. macalua.com – DISQUALIFIED
  31. raziella.blogspot.com – Raziel Siaton
  32. downloads.ituloy-angsulong.com – Benj Arriola
  33. isulongseoph.talentado.com – Richmond Paul F. Ruiz
  34. tigersquash.com – Connet Marie Ben
  35. allseocontest.com – Leo Mirabuna
  36. ituloy-angsulong.morofocus.com – Moslemen M. Macarambon Jr.
  37. seo.ituloy-angsulong.com – Benj Arriola
  38. ituloyangsulong.techtribeph.com – Jessie Natividad
  39. ituloy-angsulong.vox.com – Phillip Kimpo Jr., J. Angelo Racoma, Ia Lucero
  40. migs.paraz.com – DISQUALIFIED

Yahoo Winners

Official winner list posted on: http://forums.seo.ph/showthread.php?t=390&highlight=winners

  1. Dreamhost.com – DISQUALIFIED
  2. palconit.com – Alfredo Palconit
  3. seoblogzone.blogspot.com – Annalyn Ida
  4. blueseo.com – Eligio Tapiador Jr.
  5. ituloy–angsulong.blogspot.com – Janette Toral
  6. isulongseoph.talentado.com – Richmond Raul F. Ruiz
  7. blogulo.com – Dennis F. Agulo
  8. isulongseoph.org – Rostum Hernandez
  9. itulong-angsulong.vox.com – Phillip Kimpo Jr., J. Angelo Racoma, Ia Lucero
  10. ituloy-angsulong.morofocus.com – Moslemen M. Macarambon

MSN Winners

Official winner list posted on: http://forums.seo.ph/showthread.php?t=390&highlight=winners

  1. marhgil.blogspot.com – Marhgil A. Macuha
  2. seo-philippines.blogspot.com – Robert Desacada
  3. e-infanta.blogspot.com – Noli M. Mirador
  4. angsulongituloy.blogspot.com – Guada Ada Lajara
  5. mitolynx.wordpress.com – DISQUALIFIED

Cumulative Ranking Prize Winners

  1. isulongseophil.com – Giovanni D. Castro
  2. marhgil.blogspot.com – Marhgil A. Macuha
  3. blueseo.com – Eligio Tapiador Jr.

My Yahoo entry

When I came in early during the awards night, Marc requested if I can talk a little bit about my Yahoo entry on how it was done and what were my plans for it. And I did explain it, although the entry was disqualified since it lacked the time to work on fixing the displayed URL on the site.

The top winner, Gio Castro

I found Gio to really be very cool as he shared his experience on how he worked on ranking well in all 3 search engines. And gave a very good inspirational talk for beginners as he did share that he was also just starting out in SEO during the first SEO contest Isulong SEOph which he also won first place. I do hope that this SEO contest opens new avenues for him to play around with.

Thanks to everyone

Thanks to Marc Macalua who once again did pretty well for this self-funded event with the help of many SEO volunteers. Jozzua and Jenny did a good job in hosting the event. Thanks to Google Philippines Country Rep, Aileen Apolo, it was a pleasure meeting you in person. Thanks to representatives from Yehey, support from Digital Filipino’s Janette Toral, I can’t remember everyone I talked to, but I know a representative from the company of Bo Sanchez was also there. Thanks to people that shared kind words about me in one way or another or who had shared their admiration to what I write about like Robert Desacada, Alan and Carlo Ocab, Eli Tapiador, Gio Castro who appreciated my Yahoo 301/302 story. Daisy of Viventis Search Asia who appreciated me inviting them to the event who eventually coordinated with Marc. Jun Macarambon at may crush yata sa akin nyahahahahaha! Whin Clores for the PinoySEO blackhat that I even wore on my flight from Manila to LAX. Rostom Hernandez for sharing his wisdom on domaining after the event. And the few people that stayed behind to make the conversations more livelier like Abel Quitoriano, Dennis Agulo, Zaldy Dalisay and probably others that I have failed to mention.

Thanks of course to the company who I work with who allowed me attend this SEO event and got this vacation. To my colleague Mishon, and bosses Gilda, Ryan, Cor, Barbara and Jack and to the rest of the SEM group, thanks to the HR people as well Heather, Sandy and Michael.

Thanks to my family as well since this SEO vacation of course doubled as a family vacation as well. But this is my SEO blog, the other family stuff and other stories will be on the other blogs.

After the Ituloy AngSulong Contest

The Tableless CSS and PHP with AJAX workshop held last February 25 and 26 at Informatics Computer Institute Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines was also a success. Thanks to Mike Lopez who handled the PHP workshop and Jason Torres who handled the Ajax workshop. Reine Sison, thanks for helping out in organizing everything. Thanks to Juliet Santiago-Chan, Center Business Manager of Informatics Computer Institute-Shaw for allowing us to rent one of her largest computer labs for me to conduct the workshop and thanks to all that registered in the workshop and I am happy that I have been receiving positive feedback about the lessons learned in the 2-day workshop. Next time we plan to come up with an advanced PHP with basic MySQL, advance MySQL, SEO, and website monetization in the future. Maybe we can someday get someone like Rostom talk about domaining and maybe someone from the Philweavers have a basic and advance Macromedia Flash workshop.

The rest of the SEO vacation days were more on SEO chats and forum post. I just arrived here in San Diego California this morning and barely has any sleep yet. I worked on this blog post as my first step going back to work mode. And once I got online I got invited to a Yahoo Messenger conference charoom of about 15 people from SEO Philippines and even so sleepy I was, the SEO topics, jokes, serious questions and answers still kept me awake a bit and I need to re-adjust myself again battling the jetlag. It is now nearly 8:00am on a Monday and I barely have sleep and I believe I can make it to work today and I might spend the whole day sleeping and go to work tomorrow. Besides the first Monday I was on vacation was a holiday, President’s day so hopefully HR will still count my vacation days as 10 days.

SEO contest are tiring, which makes me think twice on working on my GlobalWarming Awareness2007 SEO contest entry.

Ituloy AngSulong SEO Contest Event Photos

I brought my digital camera to the event. My SLR Nikon D50. And one of the most stupid things I also did was I forgot the SD card at home which was in my laptop computer. So I did not take any photos. *LOL* Good thing Abel Quitoriano has a good collection of Ituloy AngSulong SEO Contest photos take by his Canon Powershot S2 IS.

Here are some of Abel’s shots

Receiving my bag of Goodies from Google

Ituloy AngSulong Photo Awarding

Sharing my SEO pick-up line.

PinoySEO hat I got from Whin Clores

The PinoySEO blackhat I got from Whin Clores, thanks Whin.

Jedi Dancel, Mike Lopez, Benj Arriola, Marcia Garcia - Arriola, Jason Torres

Jedi Dancel, Mike Lopez, Me, my wife Marcia and Jason Torres

Marc Macalua, Dennis Agulo and me

After the event SEO knowledge sharing with SEO Philippines founder Marc Macalue and Goyams creator Dennis Agulo.

Major Contrapelo and Rostom Hernandez

Everyone listened to Rostom Hernandez’ domaining strategies.

More sharing from Mike Lopez, Jun Macarambon, Dennis Agulo, Me, my wife Marcia, Gio Castro, Zaldy Dalisay and Whin Clores.

What I was sharing here will not be shared anywhere else, not even on this blog.

The rest of Abel’s photos are on: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bamster/sets/72157594554485632/

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