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More Google Keyword Research Tools

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The first keyword suggestion tool that came out from Google. Was made mainly for Google Adwords advertisers. Google Adwords Keyword Tool gives you:

  • More keyword suggestions based on what other people have been bidding for.
  • Shows how much competition you have, as a green bar scale.
  • Approximate search volume for the previous month.
  • Approximate monthly average search volume.
  • Ability to filter down results as PPC match types. (Broad, Exact Phrase, Exact Term and Negative)
  • More keyword suggestions based on LSI.

This was the initial keyword research tool Google had and it didn’t end here, they came up with more!

Just to test all tools, I will be talking about, I tried the same query on each one. I entered: digital tv converter.

Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool

This is probably something you have already seen, but I want you to note that I have seen more branded terms here. In my particular screenshot, is DTA800 and Tivax are present. The complete result even had more.

Google Adwords Traffic Estimator

This tool was used to help Adwords advertisers in their decision making on what keywords to target based on the budget and traffics generated by the budget.

This tool gives no additional keyword suggestions. You will have to enter all the keywords you need to see the data on. Google Adwords Traffic Estimator Tool gives you:

  • Search Volume Scale
  • Estimated average cost per click
  • Estimated Ad position
  • Estimated clicks per day
  • Estimated Cost per day

Since this tool gives no additional suggested keywords, after running digital tv converter, this is the results I got:

Google Adwords Traffic Estimator Tool

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool – New!

As the name of the tool implies, I assume this is based on actual search volumes on organic searches done by people. This sounds more of a realistic snap shot.

  • Keyword suggestions based on actual searches on Google
  • Monthly search volume
  • Amount of competition
  • Suggested bid amount
  • Ad/Search Share

Using all these tools can be confusing. What is the difference between them? Looking in to the support pages, Google differentiates the Adwords Keyword Tool and the Google Search-Based Keyword Tool by stating the following:

The main difference between the Search-based Keyword Tool and the Keyword Tool currently in AdWords is that the former generates keyword ideas based on your website, and identifies those currently not being used in your AdWords account. Additionally, the Search-based Keyword Tool provides more detailed data for each keyword, such as category information, suggested bid that may place the ad in the top three spots of a search results page, and ad/search share. Both tools, however, offer the option of browsing all keywords across all categories.

Please also note that the Search-based Keyword Tool is currently in beta, so we’re continuing to develop and improve its features to offer you even more functionality.

The two earlier built tools are part of the Adwords API. After checking the Google APIs, I was not able to find this new tool yet. I guess we have to wait a bit more.

Finally I run this tool also for the keyword phrase: digital tv converter.

Google Search-Based Keyword Tool

Notice that only a few branded words appear. RCA appeared although RCA has a very strong brand that it is like a common word used by many people.

Google keeps making new and new keyword research tools to make it easier for people in the search marketing arena. Although for some, sometimes with all the tools, it adds up to the confusion on what tool to use. But like in any learning endeavor, the more you use it, the more you practice, the more the confusion disappears.

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2 comments on “More Google Keyword Research Tools

  • A great article on keyword research. Thanks.

    If you are interested in learning about an alternative tool that is now available, it allows you to research actual Google data using an improved KEI score, plus it measures many of the on page factors like Hi, link text, body text, keyword density, keyword prominence plus the timing and magnitude of traffic spikes. It then assigns a difficulty score so you know exactly how hard or easy the optimization will be based on all these factors.

    Most people have not seen this tool because it is so new. Now you can research keyword phrases much more accurately than ever before.

    John Alexander
    KEI Observation Deck

  • I am looking for some advice on the Google tool, I wonder if you can help.

    I often search and there are 1000’s of results displayed in the Approx Avg Search Volume column yet the data from the previous month is “Insufficient Data”.

    This does not make logical senses to me as how can there be no search volume (Insufficient data) during previous months if there are 1000’s on an average month.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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