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Missing SEO Contest Related Pages Redirected Here

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You landed on this page because you probably were brought here from a search engine result page or from some link on another site. I removed many of these old pages because the information is obsolete and never really served any good purpose.

Long History of Joining SEO Contest

I’ve joined many SEO contest in the past, some I won, some I lost, some I joined but did absolutely nothing. But for the contest I actively joined, I’ve created several blog post for them in the past whose sole purpose was to just help in the contest. I decided to retire these pages since they do not even make sense reading them today.

Some of these contest I’ve joined arranged chronologically, were I had a significant position or won a prize were:

  1. Isulong SEOph – October 2006, 11th Place
    A contest organized by SEO Philippines, a defunct online group comprised of members of the forum seo.ph lead by Marc Macalua. The group’s forum no longer exist. The contest keyword was “Isulong SEOph.” Isulong is a Tagalog word for progress or to move forward. SEOph was simply referring to SEO in the Philippines, where ph is the ISO 2-letter country code. There were cash prizes in the contest for the top 10, and I didn’t even get in the top 10 where on the awarding night I was 11. Details on the winner and the awards night can be found here. It was one of the first SEO gatherings in Philippine SEO history. Some of them are still active SEOs up to this day, while others may have take another path, concentrated more on web design, application development or blogging, many of them are still within the same SEO circles in the Philippines.
  2. Vorgermilten – December 2006, 1st Place
    This contest claimed to have a prize of $10,000 and when the end date came, it was one of the hoax contest that happened online. But due to the large prize, it became a competitive contest. Only to find out there was no prize at all. Either way, my entry was still #1 and part of the rules was a combined performance for ranking on Google and Yahoo. On Google I was #1 and on Yahoo I was #4. Details of this contest can be found on my original contest entry Vorgermilten.info, and even if this was a hoax, I am still proud of having the top ranking site when the contest ended.
  3. Ituloy AngSulong – February 2007, 10th Place on Google
    This was the 2nd SEO contest organized by SEO Philippines/Marc Macalua. They had prizes the overall winners, as well as for all top 10 in Yahoo, MSN (The old Bing before Live), and Google. I only got 10th in Google, won I think Php100 if I recall it correctly. Here is my coverage of the awards night. Ituloy AngSulong again was a combination of Tagalog words, “Ituloy Ang Sulong” means to continue the progress, or to continue the improvement. I liked this even since I met many notable SEO people I know today the first time face-to-face at this event.
  4. SEO World Championship – May 2007, 1st Place
    This contest was organized by Swedish digital agency GetUpdated who I believed had the intention to make this competition an annual event this was the only one that actually pushed through. The attracted many SEOs worldwide and many competed as teams representing SEOs in different countries. The main attraction from this contest was the prizes. The first prize was a brand new Citroen C2 Car, 2nd prize was a travel package on a cruise ship and third prize was a brand new TV. I won the over all contest but instead of getting the Citroen C2, where the nearest dealer was in Canada while I was in the US, I negotiated for the cash equivalent and used it to buy another car. The keyword in this contest was: “GlobalWarming Awareness2007” and the scores were based on all rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN where I ranked 2nd, 4th and 4th respectively, while the rest were only ranking well in a single search engine. I enjoyed this contest the most because I used many content marketing tactics used today, but back in 2007, by creating linkable assets that user just like to share and talk about.
  5. SEOContest2008 – April 2008, 2nd Place
    During these months, was the waiting period for many SEOs that joined the SEO World Championship a year before, and the 2nd SEO World Championship never came. And during this period, this was the only contest out there and it was organized by the online forum UK Webmaster World. The prize was significantly lower, $300 was the top prize that was less motivational, but didn’t keep me from trying to win since I was also proving to myself that the contest the previous year was not just a lucky win. So I tried my best and was leading for a majority span of the contest but in the last 2 weeks, I slipped to the number 2 spot. It was a hard fought contest and the main winner were the French SEOs from SEO Sphere that had a 30-man team as the winner.
  6. Branders.com – December 2008, 2nd Place
    I also like this contest for a number of reasons. First is I like their rules where the required anchor text was varying, and also the destination page was also varying to appear more natural. This was even in 2008 and was 3 years before the Penguin update. There were also additional points for having a non-CMS powered page and using just plan HTML, and every contest entry was also an affiliate of the company so there was some earning potential. The keyword for the contest was: “Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts Srednarb.” Srednarb totally made no sense and it was just Branders spelled backwards, so I decided to make a fake persona, someone named Sally Rednarb. 🙂  This contest was flying under the radar, no one knew about it, only members of certain online forums and the contest was not made public. And their own contest page also has disappeared already. And for the competitors, many of them probably killed their sites already, but some might have continued since every competitor was an affiliate and if they were earning from it, then there was no reason to kill the site. It was a win-win situation for both organizer and competitor.
  7. Sulumits Retsambew – August 2009, 4th Place
    The main keyword was really “webmaster stimulus” spelled backwards. During these years, my career as an SEO professional start to get busier by the day. It became more difficult to devote time to these contest and this would be the last SEO contest I joined with a significant amount of effort. As the competitors got better, and I devoted less time, it was harder to win, but I still managed to get some honorable mention as 4th place but didn’t win a prize. This contest was organized but the online forum NetBuilders.

After all these contest, I have posted blog post that just don’t make sense today. Using the contest keywords in weird ways just to squeeze it in the content and also artificially build links to my site since no one wants to link to SEO contest entries anyway. Many of the tactics also used to work pre-Panda and Penguin. Since these blog post are just polluting the main focus of what this blog is all about, I decided to simply delete them as I find them and redirect to this page instead.

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