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Matt Cutts Blog Hacked

I really do not understand the purpose of hackers. I have had my server hacked way back in December 31, 2004 although I did not have any website defaced, my server was down then up to January 1, 2005. And since then, I have been a bit more cautious but I still get some downtime from time to time due to brute force stuff. Good thing I am not a super popular figure for people to attack and deface. Unlike Matt Cutts who’s blog right now is defaced.

Matt Cutts Blog Hacked

Even if this page says DarkSEO Team, hmmm I don’t think someone that will hack them will actually say they hacked them. Thus I don’t believe the Dark SEO Team did this. And it’s funny how they place in some names there trying to point out some names of some popular SEO people. Although I can’t quite decipher them all.

  • Dan “the man” – Referring to Danny Sullivan?
  • pentazilla – After quad, penta. So this is quadzilla
  • Daxster – Referring to Dax
  • davenator – Dave Naylor
  • monkeyboy – Webguerrilla, Greg Boser
  • the canadian crew – Todd Friesen
  • RandomFish – Rand Fishkin
  • Shchoeoe+npMMo – Shoemoney

I can’t guess who are the rest. But still I do not see that success had these hackers done? I see no good purpose at all in doing this.

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