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Latest Google Page Rank Update

Many SEOs have noticed the recent Google PR update last July 13, 2006 (US Time, for others it was July 14, already). As the PR was unfolding from datacenter to datacenter, I was watching it happen. By the end of the day, all my sites had an updated PR. I joined at one the threads on the PR update at the DP forum that was talking about the update and was already at the 10 page that time, it felt like it was only 5 minutes and the pages were already at the 14th page. A lot reporting their happiness in the PR increase, and some not happy getting a decrease and some expected a higher PR that just did not happen. I have not checked all my sites yet but many of them had a PR increase like one of my Isulong SEOph entries from a PR0 to PR5 while my other Isulong SEOph entries just made it to PR3. Although this website shares a page 2 spot like IsulongSEOph.com, it has no PR since this site was put up a little later after most websites were up and online already.
When I noticed one of my PR5 websites, Action Online, it has dropped from PR5 to PR4 and according to may people on the Digital Point Forum, wrong PRs seemed to be released last March 2006. And if this is true, my Action Online site was part of the wrong PR reporting at PR5 and PR4 is the real, true PR it should have.

What happened to your PR? But then again… in the Isulong SEOPh contest, my PR5 site is lower ranking than my PR0 site. And my highest ranking is the PR3 site. So it is not 100% all about PR, like what I mentioned in one of my blog post on Action Online.

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