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Isulong SEOph Color Changing Theme updated


  • H3 Colors adjusted in line with the color themes.
  • Removed excessive margins and the border on automatic WordPress smileys.

Still needs to be worked on:

  • Theme color chaging unstable colors on blogs placed in another folder. Like:


    May have some trouble with the color changing. But subdomains should work fine like:


Bugs Reported:

  • Aside from the folder bug, blogs that make WordPress Pages will create many tabs on the header portion of the page. If the number of pages make tabs that will go beyond the width of the design, the site will break. If you have a many paged blog (WordPress Pages and not WordPress Post) and still want to use this theme, you can simply change the header and manually insert the tabs and just enable the page navigation in the sidebar like the code in Kubrick.

The updated template can be download from the same download area. Enjoy!

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