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Is MSN/Live and Yahoo really faster in indexing than Google?

I know many people in the SEO world will agree that MSN indexes websites the fastest, next is Yahoo and last is Google. Right after you make a website that is totally brand new, with a brand new domain name that has never been online, and you do search engine submissions to Google, Yahoo and MSN, experience has showed us that MSN/Live will index your website in 1 to 2 days. Yahoo will follow afterwards, and last will be Google.

I remember reading Google’s FAQs on crawling during the times the Google sitemaps were not yet created. Google said they crawl the internet once a month. And when it crawls it does not guarantee that your website will be crawled. And I am not sure if this was in late 2004 or early 2005, where I still remember a press release of MSN claiming they crawl the sites faster than Google at a rate of every other day. True enough, yes they did, but Google was still king of relevant results.

Today, with the constant improvement of Google Sitemaps, search engine submission on Google has some added precision to it. Although MSN and Yahoo are indeed still faster in crawling you and indexing your websites, but Google no longer seems to be that far behind. With the Google sitemaps, you can be indexed by Google in less than a week, and a few days does not really matter.

So is  MSN/Live and Yahoo really faster in indexing than Google?

The answer here is when you are just adding a new website to all 3 at the same time, I believe MSN/Live is still faster, next is Yahoo and last is Google. But if we are talking about reindexing, I think the case is totally the other way around.

For several Ituloy AngSulong SEO contest entries, I have been checking the index pages and looking at the cache and taking note of the cache dates. Google seems to be faster and more up-to-date with changes on my website, but Yahoo and MSN seem to take a longer time to update their index. But I guess one reason why Google is faster in this area of reindexing is because of the automated Google sitemaps creation I have along with an automated ping sent to Google sitemaps, a feature Yahoo and MSN does not have.

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