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Is GoogleTV for real?

Google is known to make a lot of cool stuff in Google Labs. Most of them you hear about them when they are already done, or nearly done and appear in beta stage already. Just by looking at these applications, they try to make it simple, intuitive, a lot of AJAX, just plain robust and user-friendly which are all part of the Web 2.0 world.

There are a lot of previous news about GoogleTV and some dating back to 2004, like on ZDNet, CNet, WebProNews and BBC, but it was just recently when a certain Mark Erickson of Inifinite Solutions claims to be able to use GoogleTV already with on-demand streaming TV and has posted a demo on YouTube last January 26, 2007.

With several people trying his method of finding the GoogleTV easter egg invite which involves logging into Gmail, going to more Google products, sending an email to yourself with the product URLs, looking for the “M” graphic mouseover on GMail and clicking on it and then receiving an email invite to use GoogleTV. Several people tried it out, some successful, some not based on comments and other post in the blogosphere.Popular techblogger, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has the title of his post: Google TV an elaborate hoax. Reading his blog post real well, he did not really say if he thinks it is a hoax or not. But quoted Google Blogoscoped and Center Networks on their belief of it being a hoax.

This time, Mark Erickson comes up with another video to disprove his detractors and show once again he can access Google TV.

Now if this is really a hoax, there are two more videos out of people claiming this to be true with their own videos. Here are two video testimonials claiming Google TV to be true.

Is it true or not? Any word from Google themselves? Or do you want to try it out yourself. Hmmm… sending your emails 100 to 1000+ times? I’ll leave it to other people and it this is true, I will wait until it’s in public release beta stage. 😀

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