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Internet Marketing is DEAD!

Now is Internet Marketing really dead? One ebook that caught my attention is: The Death of Internet Marketing. I’m doing SEO, which is part of SEM, which is all part of Internet marketing. And this ebook says Internet marketing is dying? Then maybe I am in the wrong business?

I have bought many ebooks in the past, and I am currently one of the happy buyers of SEOBook. And most of the free ebooks I find on the Internet have little or no value at all. They are just using it promote themselves where sometimes it does not work. And this book, The Death of Internet Marketing is FREE! I was pretty surprised myself I liked the book. I would have not read it, but after several people on SEO Philippines and competitors of Ituloy AngSulong SEO Contest have been talking about it, I guess it really had some value. And since it was free, I decided to check it out.

The Death of Internet Marketing

The ebook is by Mike Filsaime who is known in conferences such as AdTech, and is one of the sought after speakers to listen to. He points out in the ebook, a few trends happening in Internet marketing that continuously makes parts of it dying.

  • Making big in Adsense is not as easy as before.
    Push button 1000+ page websites with Adsense is dead. These used to be easy $20,000 Adsense earners. Today this is no longer possible and you will be tagged as an MFA website and get banned from Adsense.
  • We are saturated with Internet Marketers
    Internet marketing is an open art. People copy people. If they see some technique effective made by another Internet marketer, they simply copy the technique and do test of their own. And with the increase of Internet marketers today, competition is really high. The more marketers, the lesser the market share.
  • CTRs are low.
    People are more aware of what is an ad, and what is not an ad. More and more people are training themselves to stay away from ads. Almost every Internet Marketer I know, Ituloy AngSulong SEO competitors I know has shared to me that their earnings the past few months has gone down.

Learning why Internet marketing is dying may also be the key to keep Internet marketing alive. Insights by Mike Filsaime in his ebook The Death of Internet Marketing is a must read if you are:

  • An Adsense, YPN or MSN Ads Publisher. Even for Bidvertiser, Adbrite, Azoogle and others.
  • An affiliate marketer or various affiliate networks such as LinkShare, Commission Junction, ClickBank, Clicksor and more.
  • An info-product publisher.
  • A pro-blogger, forum owner, online community developer

I believe it is the people listed above that will benefit most from the ebook and will be able to relate to it well. Other people that may be interested are:

  • Interactive advertising agencies
  • Internet press release agents
  • Web designers and developers

The Death of Internet Marketing can be downloaded for free here. I support his ebook so all of us will learn and all of us will benefit as well in keeping Internet Marketing alive and how it should be.

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