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I have an estimate of 140,000 more than Shoemoney has!

Shoemoney Adsense Check

Shoemoney’s $132,994.97 Adsense Check

I have been an oldschool follower of Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker even in the early days of his career being an early listener of WebmasterRadio.fm and has always listened to his first podcast show there, Net Income. SEO people today don’t hear his name that much anymore and more of the affiliate marketers know him more these days. He claims he doesn’t know SEO as much as many of the masters do, but I would say he has a good SEO common sense anyway. He has a good marketing common sense as well that he can made a brand powerful and SEO just naturally happens.

The photo above is one of the famous pictures of Shoemoney. Where he holds up his $132,994.97 Google Adsense check. Nearly $140,000.

I have about 140,000 more than Shoemoney!

Below is a photo of me, in typical Shoemoney inspired pose. In this photo I have estimated 140,000 more than Shoemoney! 140,000 estimated more strands of hair on my head than Shoemoney. Didn’t mean to offend Shoemoney in anyway by the way, he looks good without hair and I look bad without it. 🙂

Benj Arriola's $1,689.85 Adsense Check and 140,000 more strands of hair

Benj Arriola’s $1,689.85 Adsense Check and 140,000 more strands of hair

All my Adsense earnings from the day I joined in 2003 was direct deposited to my bank account. I only decided to have this sent by check so I can do the Shoemoney pose. Now I’ve done it, I am going back to Direct Deposit, it’s way more convenient.

So I really don’t make as much, but $1,689.85 isn’t bad. And I really do not make this much regularly every month, it all goes up and down. But even on bad months, passive income is passive income. You really do not work on it and money just comes in. For those that are discouraged by not even making $100 a month, don’t worry, everyone that is sharing some large check started where you are. The very first day I joined Adsense in 2003, my first month was only $0.09 and I thought Google Adsense was one of the worst ways to make money online. 🙂 Later on… as it increases through better optimization, I just started to love it.

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