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How to hide text that the Google Spam Team will NEVER find out!

Ok Matt Cutts showed us an example how not to hide text in this video.

Ok, of course that is a stupid way to hide text. And of course Matt Cutts will say do not hide the text. But I will tell you a secret!

How to hide text that the Google Spam Team will NEVER find out!

You think Matt Cutts is the smartest guy in the world? I am a professional blackhat and I know the perfect way that Matt Cutts will never be able to see my hidden text eveeerrr!!!

Ok, promise not to tell anyone this procedure. I do not know how long I will keep this up online, and you are probably the selected few that will be able to read this completely…

Once you read this, I suggest stay low and don’t promote this that much. I know many of you may have been reading about user agent detection, conditional IP redirection, forward and backward DNS checking of Googlebot, but all of those are not effective. Some from Google can still find out about those.

So here the is perfect way to hide text. Feel free to print this page for future reference. There are several steps but they are not hard. Just follow the steps to the letter.

  1. Highlight the text you want to hide in the HTML source code of your webpage.
  2. Hit Ctrl-X and this will cut the text and place it in your computer’s imaginary clipboard.
  3. Open your favorite text editor like MS Word, or any kind. This is platform independent by the way. You can do this on a Mac or a Linux machine.
  4. Hit Ctrl-V while in your favorite text editor. This will paste the hidden text you have in the clipboard. Getting better huh? It’s really hidden that I doubt Matt can see this.
  5. Saving this file is optional, you can do File –> Save or just hit Ctrl-S but saving it leaves traces of the file. It might not be that hidden. I highly recommend do not save it. This is important! Remember this step please.
  6. Next is press Ctrl-P and this brings up the Print dialog box. You will see a Print or OK button. Before clicking on that, make sure you have the correct print that is ready/online and the printer has paper loaded before you click the button. If everything is all ready, print the document.
  7. Once the document is printed, fold it in half crosswise, then fold it in half again. This is a recursive process. Here is the code you could use:
    while ($canStillFold == 1) {
  8. Place the folder paper in a zip-lock bag. To even be more secure, try using a Tamper Indicating Blue-Adhesive Security Bag or a secure deposit bag. Seal the bag.
  9. With a shovel, dig a hole in the ground. The diameter can be the diameter of the shovel. So a small shovel would be more ideal. The larger the hole you make on the ground, the more footprint security trails you will leave that Googlebot might be able to crawl. A 10″ diameter hole in the ground should be good enough. And make this hole about 3 feet deep. This way, it is deep enough that dogs won’t dig in the hole and dogs are sometimes crawled by Googlebot.
  10. Put the sealed bag with the hidden content in the hole, and cover it again with the soil you dug out. Compact the soil well by jumping over it. Then water over it, for the mud to harden. Give is a day to dry up.
  11. On the next day, take a look at the covered dug area and try to check for anything unusual. If it looks fishy, someone might submit it to the Google Spam Report page. We don’t want that to happen. Use the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar and disable JavaScript, CSS, Images and see how it looks like. If the area looks too clean, make it a bit dirty to match the surroundings. No one will see it unless they do a Ctrl-A. Put some twigs on there, some fallen leaves, grass, whatever. One of my favorites is dog poop, it drives away people. If you do not have a dog, you can buy dog poop as gifts and use it to cover the dug site.

Task complete! This hidden content is so hidden that even you might forget about it. So take note of the proximity of the hidden text with other objects in it’s surroundings, remember it well with an estimated distance so when you need the text, you know where to dig. If it is over a large area that looks all the same, you can use online maps. I suggest try using Bing Maps because if you use Google Maps, that is like feeding yourself to the lions. Even if you place your hidden text on the moon or on Mars, Google Maps can find you.

Save this now and print it. Because I do not know how long I will keep this secret in a public blog post. This is a special offer that in the next day or two I will put this down unless you want to receive the special printout of this exact blog post mailed to you in a secure ziplock bag printed on plain bond paper. If you want a copy, just send me $20 bucks and I will mail this to you and you can hide this content also in a hole in the ground. To order, simply use the buy now button. Shipping is free and this product is no return, no exchange.

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