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How could Google Slow Down?

It is 10:00pm, July 26, 2006 PST and up to now, Google is still so slow. All my sites serving Google Adsense do not appear right away. And logging into adsense alone was taking forever to load. I told my friend Mike Lopez about it and he agreed, he said even Google itself is slow.

What a big surprise? Google is know to have very robust systems and a slowdown is very unsually for Google. They have servers all around the world also. Could it be that some datacenters had some power outage as many have been consuming too much electricity in the US this summer due to the heat wave and the demand for more electrical power has caused from blackouts in certain areas? MySpace was reported to be affected by this as their site went down due to a power outage. And as always adviced on US television news, to conserve power to prevent any blackouts.

Or is Google just under some major hack attack? Or they came out with some big time application everyone is downloading all at the same time. Or some crazy video on Google Video is causing everyone to watch all at the same time?

I do not know. But all I know is everything Google is so low today, July 26, 2006 and I do not know what the reason is. What are your observations?

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