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Happy Valentines But We Can Only Be Friends :(

It was Valentine’s day again. The day of the hearts, of romance, of lovers. I have been happily married to my wife for several years already. And we absolutely have no problems. If ever there are any problems, they are only minor issues.

I know this is an SEO blog… and I should not take out my personal emotions here. But I can’t help it. Imagine this… I receive a card from someone. She knows I am married. Although I’ve know her since 2001 but we never had anything seriously romantic. I can say I’ve used her some times. And she has used me too. I can say we both had some nice times together.

She shows me a lot of p**n on the net sometimes, and I sometimes don’t like what she shows me so I tell her not to show me these stuff anymore and she strictly abides to my plea. She tells me she’s ready to go back to the “hot” mode anytime when I am ready. But right now she is set to strict settings.

Although I have interacted with her many times, and almost every day, can’t she see I am married? And then she sends me a Valentines card. She says she wants to overfill my heart! She wants to overload my… oh my… And not only that! She’s paying me $100! And from what I heard… she did not only send the card to me. I believe she sent the exact same card to several people also.

Well $100 is still $100, I took the money! *LOL* And I know you are hot but no one is replacing my wife. But I know we will always be friends. I love you as my friend. And…  that strict setting by the way… you can change that to moderate. You never know… after I see you in moderate settings, I might just turn all settings off!

Read her card below:

My Valentines Card... Overfill my Heart...

She's Going to Overload me on Valentines!

And she pays me $100

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