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Google.ru not as popular as Yandex and Rambler

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, was born in Russia, in 1973. (I can’t believe we have the same age, but have way different amounts of money in our bank accounts. *LOL*) Although they moved to the US in 1979 with his family, Russian used to be his speaking native tongue in one point of his live. But being Russian has no effect on the popularity of Google.ru in Russia. And in fact, it barely reaches the top 10 visited websites in Russia where the top search engines are Yandex and Rambler.

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2 comments on “Google.ru not as popular as Yandex and Rambler

  • Dont worry buddy, he saw the light bulb lit up and made billions from that idea. I am sure you will see your own multimillion dollar idea and make it a reality, be it on your lifetime or passed down to your children.hehehe

  • Seems like Google is having a hard time in some of the larger countries like Russia and China. I think the problem is they don’t really understand the country and the culture and their deep pockets don’t help. I say good for Yandex and Baidu and all those other home grown search engines. Google doesn’t need to own the world, they already own the world wide web.

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