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Google Street View Showing Sunbathing and A Woman’s Thong

Update: I am noticing some traffic this blog post is still getting, but this is a very old post. It was posted back in 2007. And if you are double checking if these Google StreetView images exist, they are already gone. Google updated them long time ago. But every once in a while, I think there will always be some random sexy girl in random places that will get caught on Google Maps once in a while.

Before, I blogged about using Google to search for webcams available for the public to view. And now Google introduces StreetView. Available in selected areas where they already have mapped out the 3D images so you can walk through the streets. Interesting, some areas are able to capture very interesting images where they were just at the right time at the right place. After watching a demo video, there were two interesting places. One place where Google StreetView showed two girls in bikinis sunbathing on the lawn.


Google Maps Street View Sun Bathing Chicks in the Grass Lawn

This is located at 694 Escondido Rd Stanford, CA 94305. Here is more photos of a sexy thong found on Google Maps Street View. She was there at the right time and place just when Google was taking the photo shoot.


Sexy Thong found in Google Maps Street View

This one is located at 588 44th Ave San Francisco, CA 94121.

Interesting isn’t it? Google is the ultimate source of information and you can find almost anything. Thanks to themystical for posting this video which is how I found out all about it.

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