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Google, Please Don’t Know Me

In any business, being popular helps if you are popular for the right reasons. Generally anything positive about yourself can help boost your business, or your credibility in your own field of study that can help you in your current employment, or getting a new job. But unfortunately, after the You & A portion of Matt Cutts at SMX Advanced, looks like the opposite was coming out If you are a popular SEO.

Michael Gray and Rae Hoffman have been talking about Google being unfair in profiling SEOs, where links are devaluated simply because they are the works of SEO people even if the intent was purely clean and done in a whitehat method. But if they were not by SEO people, no devaluation is received even if the methods look going against Google Webmaster Guidelines. Rand Fishkin sums it all up with some tips on going SEO stealth mode and flying below the radar.

I have always thought getting popular in this industry was advantageous and has tried my simple humble ways to get there and hopefully rubbed elbows with the industries top SEOs. And now this makes me want to think again… I’ll rewind my myself and reset my thinking back to 1999… *rewinding…ok reset done* What was I talking about? SEO? Actually, I don’t know about SEO. What is SEO? I’m a Web Designer/Developer and I do not care about SEO. I’ll leave that to the SEO people.

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