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Google Maps Reaches Out to Your Area

Google Maps now has a wider coverage for Asian and Latin American countries. It only used to have vector map data in some countries like the United States, Europe and other countries which have a centralized mapping system. For some countries like the Philippines, map users rely heavily on the information contributed and shared by individuals on keyhole.com or pagenation.com.

Here is a map of Manila, Philippines.

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Here is also a map of Aparri.

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And even down to Jolo

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The two maps above can now show you major roads. Though these maps are not yet as detailed as the Google Map for the United States where it will really give you driving directions, I am still impressed with the development. I can say that this is indeed a good start and I appreciate the effort that Google is making to provide the users a more effective and efficient map. What will it be like when someday all the roads in the Philippines will be fully mapped by Google? Will it be the end of getting lost in the middle of nowhere?

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