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Engagement – What's the Next Metric?


We used to look at hits until we learned hits was deceiving…

Unique Hits

We looked at unique hits and it was better, but still not a true metric. Fake traffic can be generated…


We used SEO and PPC more, ranking was important. High ranking was a need. Nearer to the top was what everyone wanted. Until we realized, ranking gives nothing but a rank. It did not always increase revenue.


So we concentrated on conversions. These were leads, sales, downloads, and more. Something we can tie into a revenue price and calculate profitability. But today making a sale or any type of conversion may just be satisfying a need, but not engaging the client.


Today, engagement is the new measurement. The new web analytics buzz word. Web engagement, customer engagement, social media engagement. Where there are still quite puzzling to measure. But when the day comes when we can somehow measure it in some effective standard way, I wonder what will be measure next?

What’s Next?

Share what you think is next, or let’s just wait and see what comes.

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