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Blogging is the new black … cash in on it!

Yes, I know this post can never compete with the one about the SEO Song, but in blogging (as in showbiz), the show must go on. =)

At any rate, according to a Marketing Daily survey, 80% of Americans are blogging it up. Half of all Americans actually frequent blogs of all sorts. Some people are surprised at this due to the fact that blogging is quite the neophyte when it comes to media conduits. However, this writer is not in any way dumbfounded.

It’s been coming along for some time now and it’s about time that advertisers notice the power and potential that a blog carries. Just look below at how you can use blogs in your internet media campaigns cheaply and effectively (as compared to other media).

Buy links using text links ads, text link brokers and backlinks.com

Paid links are for the internet what advertisements are for TV. Basically, you pay a link brokerage firm like Text Link Brokers, TLA  or Backlinks.com to put up links to your site from a number of blogs and websites containing related material.

Ok, ok, ok. I know, Matt Cutts said that paid links shouldn’t be used as a method of doing SEO. But it’s not an SEO tactic – its an advertising decision. You won’t be buying text links for getting PR or even SERPs. You are buying links for getting people who are actually looking for or are interested in your service. It’s an ad. Blog visitors will see them as clearly marked ads, and click on them if they are interested. Besides, as Matt Cutts said buying links for the purpose of advertising is not frowned upon by Google – you can still use them to generate buzz, get traffic and support other sites (as long as you use rel=nofollow). Check with your link broker about how they comply with limitations set by search engines just so you feel better about it.

Buy review opportunities on reviewme.com and payperpost.com and a similar service offered by textlink brokers

Here is another marketing tactic that evolved when it entered the internet: free trials and word-of-mouth advertising! You get a company to find decent bloggers with the traffic and credibility, then ask them to review your products and services. They get paid, you get your products/services pushed to the masses complete with its strengths and advantages exposed for all the world to see. They aren’t even forced to give you good reviews because if they do not like your product or service, they can simply decide not to accept the review offer.

We all know how effective word-of-mouth advertising is. People often feel better about taking what you have to sell if they know someone who has already done so and liked it.

Bubble ads

Another method of maketing online is using bubble ads. This blog uses Kontera.com but there are a lot more of them out there. How does it work? The bubble ad code searches the site for relevancy and then finds keywords related to your site. It will then replace those words with a link to your site. Multiply this a few hundred times over (depending on your advertising budget) and you will have a lot of blogs pointing interested readers to you.

Adwords for Content Publishers

Perhaps the main path taken by everybody – after all, it is the safest bet in an SEO point of view. Get a free account at Google Adwords  , Yahoo Publisher or and start advertising via the search engines. This is basically the same as the text link ads mentioned above with the big difference that a search engine is sponsoring it and thus a lot safer from search engine wrath (i.e. penalties).

So how about it? The Marketing Daily survey said that 8 out of 10 Americans are visiting blogs. More than 43% of those notice the ads and 30% of them actually click!  As the age group goes nearer the 18-24 year old demographic, however, the ones who click go up to a whopping 61%. 

If there are approximately 300 million Americans as of July 2007, that means there are 240 million blog readers.  103 million of whom notice ads on them. And get this … 30 million of them who actually click per day! This on a medium that will keep your links up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Blogs, they are the “in” thing now. If you don’t start getting in on the act, you may find your business soon “out of it”.

Source: http://publications.mediapost.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Articles.san&s=66471&Nid=33725&p=421131

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