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A short chat about Google Universal Search Results

When this came out, SEO bloggers left and right posted stuff about this right away. I was to busy to react and blog about it for any attempt to win any link baiting stuff. But a friend of mine, while chatting just a few minutes ago, she asked my opinion about the Google Universal Search Results. And I decided to just copy and paste a portion of our conversation which was very short. Since I am not sure if I can post her name, I did not use her real name. And I did not ask permission as well to post this conversation.

[08:55] Adlig: Have to go and eat down stairs but would like to hear what you think about the google universal search change
[08:56] Benj Arriola: There are two kinds of reactions to that…
[08:56] Benj Arriola: Reaction 1 – Oh No! The news and video stuff are pushing my web results down.
[08:56] Adlig: I saw an article and will pass it to tomorrow but think there was an underlining reason why they changed things around
[08:56] Benj Arriola: Reaction 2 – Yes! My newsfeed and blog search results and the videos I posted are going up!
[08:57] Adlig: I’m in the middle
[08:57] Benj Arriola: So just to not have reaction 1, better do everything then.
[08:58] Adlig: Ok, great talking to you, have to eat with the family. Have a great weekend.
[08:59] Benj Arriola: You too.

That’s basically my opinion. Since Google mixed it all up, then do everything. Even if Google did not mix it all up, I would still probably be doing everything.

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