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3 Things I Hate SEO People Do On Social Media Sites


What I hate about social media

This is more of a rant post. Not really anything about SEO tips, social media tips or what. There are just some stuff I don’t like out there, and it may be targeted to some people I know and if ever you feel offended by this post, I am sorry, this is just how I feel about this matter. But I will keep names out of this, not only am I purposely doing it that way, I also cannot remember the names of the people that do this. By now you probably still do not know what I am talking about, so let’s just get started.

1. I hate people requesting me to be their friend on LinkedIn when their profile is almost nearly blank

I approve people I know, and if I do not know you, at least you can introduce yourself. And if you do not introduce yourself, at least give some information on your profile which should make me decide to approve your request. If I do not know and you do not introduce yourself, and your profile does not say anything that you, no information of the company where you work, no educational background and just your name, you look to spammy to me. Looks like a profile just made to spam people in some way or form. Sorry I do not want to approve you.

I get several of these every week. Here is one:

Blank LinkedIn Profile

I blurred the name and country. But you can see this is the only thing in his profile.

Want to see the details of this guy? Here is where he works, specifically.

Blank Profile on LinkedIn

WTH is that? Clear keyword spamming.

2. I don’t like your LinkedIn or Facebook keyword rich first names & last names, I will not add you

Hey I am an SEO person too, I get what you are trying to do, but sorry I hate that style. You can already see I do not that to myself, My first name is Benj and my last name is Arriola. Many people out there use these fields in the database to say SEO Expert, SEO Guru, SEO Specialist, SEO Consultant, whatever. I am not here to debate if it works or not, if it helps your ranking or not, but for me, if it helps ranking or not, that is besides the point. It is just wrong. The more you abuse the system, the more you get kicked out. The more the rules change. The more the social media networks will change. The more Google will change again. Those tactics are short-term and not future-proof.

Keyword Rich Last Name

Nice last name you got there. Even putting together expert and guru in the same line so you can try to rank for both.

3. Retweet, request to share or like on Facebook for mediocre blog post or photo

Hey I get this too, I know what you are trying to do. In fact I may have asked favors from you before to retweet, share or like. But I do not do that to all my blog post. I only do this if I sincerely believe what I am putting out there is really good quality and deserves some attention. Some of you just pass on random article you wrote for your SEO client and was written in the most boring way possible. Then you see some keyword focused link in there going to your SEO client. It is the great wall of text, no images, just a bunch of words, paraphrased from other sources and written as boring as it can be. Some of you ask request to like a photo in some photo contest. I know that in photo contest, the subject of the photo may be subjective, but the least the photo can have is to really have photography-quality that is worthy of a prize. Some ask for some votes and your photo really looks bad, it’s blurry, amateur made, subject makes no sense to the theme. C’mon, how can you expect me to like that?

Let me clear things up a bit, I am not a hard person to please, and you can easily ask me favors for voting, sharing, liking, retweeting, whatever, but please consider also if you put in the effort to really come up with something good to share out there.

Remember when you are asking for voting, bookmarking, sharing or retweeting favors, it should never be voted, shared or bookmarked by only the people you know. If they are the only people doing this for you, that means the quality of your work is very low. The purpose is for the general public to like what you have to share. And the people you personally know is just to start to get the ball rolling to gain the initial attention that will reach the people you do not know.

This one I have no example of because I delete them so quickly on FaceBook and it is hard to find on Twitter. But for those that I personally know, sometimes I send them a PM or I chat with them and give them advice on how they can improve their blog post. And when they improve it, then I share it, like it etc. But if I personally do not know you, sorry, your message goes to the delete box.

Since this is more of a rant, and I may offend some other people, some of you may be my friends, I decided to post it here and not on my SEO Company’s blog where I work.


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9 comments on “3 Things I Hate SEO People Do On Social Media Sites

  • I’d add request to like their own personal pages and you still have no idea who they are

  • Yup, I also agree with you Mara on that one.

  • Hate is a little bit intense. Let’s just say sometimes I get pissed off if something like this happens.

  • I also hate facebook profile using their blog’s name instead their real name in facebook.

  • @Jason, fair enough. hate, pissed, all negative to me. 🙂

  • @Joel, totally understand. they should create a page and not a profile on Facebook. A profile should really be the name of the person.

  • Hi Sir Benj,

    When I read about your thoughts about people in Linkedin, I was amazed on how you organize your personal page. I wanted to add you but I am afraid you will rank me as a mediocre SEO specialist who wants to add you in order to gain high profile or something. Oh well I’ll just post my question here..

    Do you train people to become an SEO/SEM/PPC etc Specialist?
    Do you have a team of SEO people?
    I want to work for you but I dont consider my knowledge enough so I want to know if you hire or train.

  • Hello Neyabi.

    …I wanted to add you but I am afraid you will rank me as a mediocre SEO specialist…

    Not really, as long as you have a complete profile, and a real name, I would normally add anyone.

    Do you train people to become an SEO/SEM/PPC etc Specialist?

    I only train people in SEO since that is my main expertise.

    Do you have a team of SEO people?

    It is almost impossible to work on large clients without a team. I have trained them initially until the team grew and now is also a team of trainers also. So today we train each other as well.

    I want to work for you but I don’t consider my knowledge enough so I want to know if you hire or train.

    Most of the people I work with work for Internet Marketing Inc. which is based in San Diego and we wish to work with people in-house. If the location alone is not ideal, it may be difficult to for us to work with each other. 🙂

  • haha pretty funny rant. I know exactly what you are talking about, these things get really annoying.

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