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3 Great Presentations from the 1st Iloilo SEO Conference

First Iloilo SEO ConferenceSEO Organization Philippines has helped out in the 1st Iloilo SEO Conference and what I admired with this province, is they took it upon themselves to really push for this conference. I was not involved in the organizing of the event and I really didn’t know who did what, but just by seeing the amount of people involved over there, I feel Iloilo SEO has the power to stand alone as their own entity. In their first conference, they have good quality speakers pulled in from Manila, for sure there is no other direction for them but up. They will further improve their craft and just get better at it. The speakers at the event were: Ed Pudol, Rosette ‘Maldita’ Siriban, Sheila ‘Kutitap’ Dela Peña, Mark ‘Mark Cutts’ Acsay, Zaldy ‘Major Kontrapelo’ Dalisay, Juanito ‘Cell’ Jacela, Jason ‘Kaiser the Sage’ Acidre, Kim Tyrone Agapito.

1st Iloilo SEO Conference Hype Video

Now that the event is over and I have heard it was successful even if some people were late. I assume the content and lessons learned made up for the situation.

Now not being at the event, of course I am interested in the presentations of the speakers, and I found 3 good presentations on Facebook, that I believe need to be promoted more simply because of the content they are sharing. Take a look at these presentations below.

Mark Acsay’s Post Penguin Strategies

For those already in the SEO industry for some time may be bored with the brief history slides, but just continue to move on until you reach the real meat. He talks about being natural or evergreen and trying to avoid signatures of being unnatural that Google may be keeping track of. If you have any comments on his presentation, why not leave him some feedback on his blog.

Kim Tyrone Agapito’s Advanced Keyword Research, LSI Mastery and Authoritative Content Theming

In a nutshell for me keyword research is looking for the right words for your content and you based this on a number of factors, from search volume, competitiveness, relevancy, conversion etc. And LSI is simply using synonyms, similar words and related words. But Kim just explains the concepts well and sites a variety of examples as well as points out a number of tools you can possibly use. He hasn’t posted this presentation yet on his own blog, but I believe he will in a few days. If you want to pick his brain more, check his blog here.

Jason Acidre’s Advanced and Scalable Link Building

Ok if you do not know who is Jason Acidre by now, you probably haven’t been reading much. This guy is just is just great at what he does. This person is not just a talker, he shows you results. Actually my impression is he does not even talk that much. He just shows results which is even better. If you have no idea what I am saying, have a check for yourself and see the quality work Jason comes up with.

I foresee better quality SEO events in the Philippines moving forward! In the past I have also spoke almost year after year on various SEMCon, MORCon and Bataan Bootcamps in the past. Some of my previous presentations can be found here:

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  • Thank Benj for including my preso in your list! Looking forward to have back in the country and have a a good long chat with our SEO adventures! You’ve been an inspiration to a many of us here and moves us to excel further in this industry. See you soon!

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