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Yahoo CAPTCHA Code Cracker

Reported by Slightly Shady SEO: Russian crackers found a way to crack Yahoo CAPTCHA. Although he mentioned it, he does not want to try it out as he mentions on his blog post: I have 2 rules for software. I don’t download odd binaries from Blackhats, and I don’t download anything from russians. Especially russian

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The PPC Song

If you liked The SEO Song, then that just means you are an SEO professionals and can relate well to the song. But the PPC game is a different ball game although both SEO and PPC do work hand in hand. If you are more of a PPC professional than an SEO expert, you would

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What is XHTML Friends Network or XFN?

When adding links on your Blogroll in WordPress, you will probably see options for your relationship to the website you are linking to. Now if you think this is just some random thing, this inserts values to the rel attribute of an anchor tag of the link you are linking to. Choosing any of these

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